ESB Creative Tech Fest Awards 2020

Submissions are open!

Check out the award categories and how to enter below!

ESB Sustainable STEAM Awards

Are you a maker? An inventor? An engineer? An experimenter? A problem solver?

From soldering circuitry to science experiments there are no limits to things  you can create for the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Award, Maths) Award category! Are you interested in tackling global or local sustainablity issues? This category acknowledges projects that are focused on economic, environmental, and social sustainability solutions or ideas! 

There will be amazing awards an prizes available on the 28th of October for ESB Cretaive Tech Fest under the following categories – Best STEAM award, Sustainable STEAM project, ESN Energy for Generations Award and the  Engineer of the Imagination Award


Digital Creativity Awards

Are you an Animator? Film-Maker? Photographer? A Designer? Musician? A Broadcaster?

Get closer to the microphone, find your love of photography, get creative with those smartphones, make your latest song or beat stand-out on screen or showcase what you can do with creative softwares! In ESB Creative Tech Fest’s Digital Creativity Awards there is opportunity for everyone to create, invent and inspire! 

Inspiring award winners will be announced on the 28th of October in the following catagories  –  Sound Production Award, Photography  Award, Short Film Award, Sound Production Award, Photography  Award, Short Film Award, Best Music Video, Best Design 

Creative Computer Science Award Category

Are you a coder? A computational thinker? A creative computer scientist?

Develop original ideas and use your skills to break new ground in Computer Science and Coding ! 

We have two awards to give away on the 28th of October for the Creative Computer Scientist in you! Creative Computer Crossover Award, Innovative Computer Science Award 

NYCI Best Online STEAM Project for Youth Work        

Have you moved your STEAM in Youth Work Online?

         Have you recieved the NYCI STEAM in Youth Work training? You can submit your young person(s) project under this category!

Winners will receive a STEAM in Youth Work support session and an equipment grant for their project and youth club worth up to €850! Supported by National Youth Council of Ireland and the Science Foundation of Ireland. 

ESB TechSpacer of the Year

Nominate the ESB TechSpacer of the Year!

This year we are putting an open call out to all TechSpace Educators and TechSpacers to submit an application form for a young TechSpacer within their group to win 2020 TechSpacer of the Year Award! If you are working with a young person that has inspired you this year make sure you put there name in! 

ESB TechSpace Educator of the Year

Nominate your favourite Educator for this year's ESB TechSpacer Educator of the Year title!

Do you know anyone working with young people through the TechSpace programme, that is demonstrating their own Creative Confidence and making amazing things happen? If you know a youth worker, volunteer, or a teacher that deserves to be named  TechSpace Educator of the year 2020 submit an application form for them and we’ll make sure they are in with a chance!

ESB TechSpace Sustainability Superhero

Nominate that young person who is creating and inventing for future generations

The leadership that young people from across the TechSpace network have shown for action on the global sustainable development goals to date is awe-inspiring! This year the ESB Creative Tech Fest will be giving an award to any young person that has used technology to express their ideas and views and improve sustainability and community for the future. 

TechSpace Volunteer Club Award

Nominate your volunteer led TechSpace for an award this year

This special award celebrates the range of creative collaborations among our Volunteer Clubs and Groups. You know who you are! Volunteers across the network dedicate their time and energy into creating and making with purpose through the TechSpace programme. Let’s give them the recognition they deserve. 

ESB TechSpace Community Responder

Nominate a Young Person or Group in your local community that has creatively responded to our current crisis!

2020 has been a challenging year in the face of education, but it’s brought out the best in innovation. Nominate a Young Person or Group from your home or your local community that has supported their communities in innovative and creative ways despite all odds. Paving the way to improve aspirations for us all! 

International TechSpacer Award

Nominate a group or young person that is working digitally creatively outside of Ireland

This year we invite you to submit your projects and nominate young people from anywhere in the world! Our global crisis has only brought us closer together and this year virtually anyone can attend our ESB Creative Tech Fest Awards Ceremony so why not get involved!

How do I Enter the 2020 ESB Creative TechFest Awards?

How do I Enter the 2020 ESB Creative TechFest Awards?

Submit your creative projects by telling us all about them here!

If you’re not sure of something, or require any assistance bringing your project to fruition or showcasing your project at ESB Creative Tech Fest on October 28th contact TechSpace Programme Manager Jen Hesnan on Alternatively, you can refer to your local TechSpace Educator for guidance on how to enter.

ESB Creative Tech Fest Exhibition Virtual Reality Space

This year any project submitted as part of the ESB Creative Tech Fest Award Categories will also have the opportunity to be exhibited in the dedicated ESB Creative Tech Fest Exhibition Virtual Reality Space!