The Creative Tech Fest 2021

Pick your category! Create and Invent your idea!

Early submissions will be entered into a monthly competition so there are even more chances of winning cool prizes!

Tá na Gradaim Creative Tech Fest 2021 Ar Oscailt Anois!

Roghnaigh do Chatagóir!

Cruthaigh agus Múnlaigh do Smaoineamh!

This is open to any young person supported by staff or volunteers who have completed TechSpace training with Camara Ireland. All entries will be uploaded to this year’s Creative Tech Fest Virtual Reality Gallery and celebrated during our Annual Awards Ceremony Broadcast on the 28th of October!

Early submissions will be entered into a monthly competition so there are even more chances of winning cool prizes!

Uaslódailfear gach iontráil chuig Gaillearí Fiorúil Creative Tech Fest na bliaina seo agus tabharfar aitheanas dóibh i rith Shearmanas Bliantúil na nGradaim are an 28ú Deireadh Fomhair.


We have lined up a range of free sponsored training opportunities and Creative Tech Fest Equipment Kits available for those who are supporting young people across Ireland.

Tá raon deiseanna oiliúna urraithe (saor in aisce!) agus trealamh Creative Tech Fest Kits ar fáil dóibh siúd atá ag tacú le daoine óga ar fud na hÉireann


If you are supporting young people and have completed a training with Camara Ireland’s TechSpace Programme you now have sponsored access to the Online Network worth €95 a year Má tá tú ag tacú le daoine óga agus má tá oiliúint curtha i grích agat le Clár TechSpace Camara Ireland, tá rochtain urraithe anois agat ar an Líonra ar Líne ar fiú €95 sa bhliain é.


And there’s more!! Camara Ireland is now offering Coordinators, Youth Officers, and Senior Managers within Youth Settings, online support sessions to enhance their organisational youth plan strategy by incorporating creative technology as part of the Creative Ireland programme / generously funded by Creative Ireland.


Category 1: Digital Creativity Awards:

1A. Video Production – Mobile Video, Music Video, Documentary, Fiction create your own visual story!

1B. Audio Production – Podcast, music, spoken word, radio documentary let’s have a listen!

1C. Photography/Design – Photoshop, Canva, your phone camera, DSLR – express yourself!


Category 2: STEAM Awards:

2A. FrankenSTEAM – Electronics, Re -Design a STEAM Kit Build, craft something new

2B. Computer Science – Micro:bit, Makey Makey, Scratch or coding, gaming …

2C. Emerging Technologies- AR, VR, 3D Printing and more whatever else is emerging!


Category 3: Creative Tech Fest Awards:

3A. Sustainable Superhero – The leadership that young people from across Ireland have shown for action on the Global Sustainability Goals this year is amazing! The Creative Tech Fest will be celebrating any project that has used technology to express their ideas and views on this topic. Submit your projects and be recognised for the superhero you are!

3B. Volunteer Club Award – This special award celebrates the range of creative collaborations among our Volunteer Clubs and Groups. You know who you are! Volunteers across the network dedicate their time and energy to creating and making with purpose through the TechSpace programme. Let’s give them the recognition they deserve.

3C. Creative Community Responder – 2021 was a challenging year in the face of education, but it’s brought out the best in innovation. Nominate your local club from your home or your local community that has supported their communities in innovative and creative ways despite all odds. Paving the way to improve aspirations for us all!

3D. Inspirer of the Year – This year we put an open call out to nominate educators and youth workers working with young people to inspire them to design and create using technology in innovative ways. If you know a youth worker, volunteer, social worker, or educator that deserves to be named watch this space!

3E. Creator of the Year – This year we put an open call out to staff and volunteers in youth settings to submit an application for young people within their group to win 2021’s Creator of the Year Award! If you are working with a young person that has inspired you, then be sure to keep an eye out for this award category!


--Creative     TechFest     Guidelines--

--Creative TechFest Guidelines--

Choose your project category, create your project, tell us about your project and enter your project for a chance recognise the young people you work with and win inspirational prizes!

Early submissions will be entered into a monthly competition so there are even more chances of winning cool prizes!

Roghnaigh do chatagóir tionscadail, inis duinn faoi do tionscadal agus cuir isteach do thionscadail chun dheis a bheith agat aitheantais iontacha a fháil!


We support educators to use technology to inspire young people in all learning spaces.

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